Draconic vs. Draconian: Is there a difference?

The short and simple answer is yes.  So let’s see what the differences actually are.


The word “draconic” means: related to or suggestive of dragons. Those who practice this path work with dragons and their energies.  They believe in Dragon Guardians and Guides that aid in their magical workings, as well as teaching and advising. This is not limited to magical workings, but extends into their everyday lives.

This is not to be confused with Draconic Wicca.  The Draconic Witch not only works with dragon energies, but also incorporates the practices of Wicca.  I single this path out because it’s the most popular hybrid of the Draconic Path with another practice.  You can incorporate your dragon workings in with any spiritual path, or work with them alone.  The choice is entirely up to you!

Dragons are revered as higher beings, some people treat them as Gods.  Either way, dragons are very powerful are to be respected.  A dragon will do as it pleases and if you disrespect it or ignore it, it will quickly be driven away and never work with you again. It’s also important to note that you should not just expect a dragon to work with you.  Sometimes they will come to you, but most often you will need to be the one who initiates contact.

Dragon guardians are often referred to as Mon-Tey.  This is a term that can be used as a name for your guardian other than “dragon guardian”.  Many times your dragon will not reveal its name to you right away.  Using the term Mon-Tey is meant for your guardian only, not for all dragons you come in contact with.

The Draconic Path is not for beginners.  You should have a good basic understanding of magic and a solid grasp of how to use magic.



The Draconian Path is a left-handed path of creation through destruction, self-empowerment, and is centered around the idea of transforming yourself into Godform.  Draconians work with deities such as Lucifer, Lilith, Tiamat, and Belial.  Draconian Path initiates believe they are a living manifestation of Dragons and are messengers of Primordial Beings.  They consider themselves allies of some Dragon Gods and Spirits and will continue to work with these beings until they become one with them.

This path is very strict and rigid. It’s about breaking yourself down to rebuild yourself to be stronger and better.  For most of their spells and rituals they will use a sort of spiritual fire and are commonly known as the Path of the Nightshade.

This path is not for the feint of heart.  As I said earlier, it’s very strict and requires a lot of sacrifice, dedication, and strong will to reach the ultimate transformation.

I am on the Draconic Path and have a bit more knowledge of this path than I do of the Draconian Path.  Honestly I only recently discovered there was a difference and will have to be more careful of the terms I use.  I hope I was able to help clear up the differences just a little bit, but listed below are some link for further reading so you can decide which witch you want to be!


Sources for further reading:



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